Tamara Grcic

FRI. 1.6. – SUN. 17.6.   GROSSER GARTEN
OPEN DAILY 9am – 8pm

Tamara Grcic, who exhibited an impressive and enigmatic installation at the Biennale in Venice in 2009, displays a consistent artistic focus on apparent triviality, the banality of the mundane and unconscious acceptance in her works. The art and media specialist Verena Kuni comments: “What is expressed in these pictures – both in the spatial images of her installations and the temporal images of her films –ultimately displays her meticulous gift of observation of the correspondence between the nature of objects and their processing in the hands of human beings”.

An amazing vehicle will be exhibited during the KunstFestSpiele 2012: a tonal installation ostensibly consisting of an old and dilapidated double-axle camper van linked to a silver Mercedes estate car. A closer study of this pair of vehicles progressively reveals unsettling elements: two over-dimensional white wooden horns are attached to each long side of the camper van and turn out to be speakers which clamour for the attention of observers. The constant ticking of seconds on eighteen different clocks is audible and this is interrupted at hourly intervals by a series of tonal and sound sequences created by musicians with progressively increasing lengths up to a maximum duration of six minutes. In OUTSIDE-HERE, Tamara Grcic is focusing on time and its opposing poles of transience and permanence. The unerring consistency of a ticking clock painfully reminds the observer that each second heard has already elapsed irrevocably. On the other hand, time can also provide reliable structures and rhythms in everyday life and establish a common scale whose absence would prevent all common experiences. OUTSIDE-HERE is a sign of time, simultaneously mundane and surreal, evoking existential emotions in the observer.

Leonore Leonardy, Curator

Partner: MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst [Museum of Modern Art] Frankfurt am Main, Cultural Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main, Roßmarkt GmbH

Starting from the 4th of May you can see Tamara Grcic’s Installation “anderswohin” as a part of the artprojekt “raumsichten” near Nordhorn.

Twin Talk
Olaf Nicolai

SAT. 2.6. – SUN. 17.6.   GROSSER GARTEN
TUES: – SAT: 4pm – 7pm / SUN: 14 am – 7pm

The conceptual artist Olaf Nicolai investigates a wide variety of issues surrounding natural sciences and humanities in his subtle works. His site-specific intervention and access creates “thinking spaces” in which the artist explores perception and provokes new perspectives of reception. In TWIN TALK, Olaf Nicolai has developed a project which throws up multiple-level issues concerning the perception of park visitors and homes in on the ambivalent situation of communication with a double counterpart. Entrenched in the traditions of Herrenhausen, visitors are offered the opportunity to exchange views with the twins during a walk through the Großer Garten which in itself is characterised by the interplay between nature and artificiality.

Leonore Leonardy Curator

Production: KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen

Tickets 10 EUR
(Please book through Festival box office +49-511 – 1 68 33 811)


Michael John Whelan

 FRI. 1.6. – SUN. 17.6.   FOYER OF ORANGERIE

Open daily 11am – 6pm / ON 10.6. 11am – 3pm

 The video works of this artist who was born in Dublin in 1977 entirely contradict all preconceptions of this artistic medium. Any viewers expecting fast-paced cuts and rapid changes of motifs will be utterly astonished and completely disorientated when confronted with these slowly moving images. Michael John Whelan focuses on deceleration: the minimal and frequently banal alterations observed in his poetic creations are disconcerting and irrevocably draw attention to the extract of reality meticulously planned by the artist. ASSEMBLY depicts the peaceful meandering of people in a winter landscape. Without any visible signs, this idyllic scene somehow appears to be endangered and the balance of the scene is threatened with disruption.

 Leonore Leonardy Curator


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(c) Michael John Whelan