In a manuscript dating back to the year 1675 which continues to be inspiring in our time, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz formulated the postulation that entertainment and the gaining of knowledge should be combined to advance scientific learning. The concept that wonder and amazement possess an inherent productive force also provides the motto for the Academy of Play which takes place during the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen. The academy provides young persons with the exceptional opportunity of participating in creative workshops with renowned artists.

Workshop with atelier le balto at the KunstFestSpiele 2011

From 4 June – 15 June 2012, ideas will be developed in the Großer Garten involving activities such as film, photography, construction, theatre and experimentation, and the results will be presented to the public on Friday in the Pavilion of the Senses. The atelier le balto with Véronique Faucheur and Marc Pouzol (garden artists and landscape designers; Berlin, Le Havre), Michael Beutler (sculptor and installation artist; Berlin), Melanie Manchot (photographer and video artist; London) and Robyn Schulkowsky (percussionist and composer; Berlin) will be participating with their own individual cultural media with young persons to demonstrate the significance of the philosopher’s appeal to consider curiosity as the key to understanding the world and developing individual concepts.

Academy of Play
Workshops for young persons with artists

GARDEN ART atelier le balto
VISUAL ARTS Michael Beutler
PERCUSSION Robyn Schulkowsky

Academy of Play: final presentation
Pavilion of the Senses
Admission free
Friday, 15.6., 16:00, Gallery

Partners: IGS Vahrenheide/ Sahlkamp, School Biology Centre, Hanover
Supported by the TUI foundation