We are all endlessly talking about crisis and value changes and discussing climatic change, political upheavals and anxieties – all because we tend to forget the instability and fragility of mankind and consequently all the constructions which have been built in the fight for survival.

This fragility which we are laboriously endeavouring to overcome and struggling to keep under control through safeguarding measures is constantly underestimated and misinterpreted. As a result, we repeatedly attempt to create a balance between this fragility on the one hand and the unlimited desires of the human race for prosperity, wealth and security on the other hand – a perilously instable construction which fails to recognise what extraordinary phenomena and wonders have been created in our world on the foundations of this fragility.

Art can succeed in astonishing us and takes exquisite pleasure in showing us the extremes of exuberance and the deep abyss, dark and radiant aspects alike, and the permanent process of trial and error and experimentation, striving to gain the upper hand and sometimes failing, which is the only constructive element which simultaneously provides our roots and carries us forward. Art possesses the privilege of creating irritation and insecurity, but can also edify the beholder.

Comings and goings, creation and transience – the entire fragility of mankind will be examined from a wide spectrum of artistic perspectives at the third KunstFestSpiele in Herrenhausen from 1 to 17 June under the motto “Fragile Balance”.
We invite you to engage in this balancing act and look forward to your visit.

Artistic Director


(c) Alexander Paul Englert