Sondergärtenserenade bei den KunstFestSpielen 2011 (c) Mahramzadeh

Sondergärtenserenade KunstFestSpiele 2011 (c) Mahramzadeh

In everyday life, we quite often decide to go to a concert because friends have recommended it.
For that reason, the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen have searched arts ambassodors for each performance of this years’ festival.

An ambassador is someone connected to a special community or a representative of a target audience. The ambassador is motivated out of genuine personal enthusiasm.

We are very happy to announce that most of the concerts of this years’ festival have found arts ambassors. They live in Hannover, but apart from that, we were able to gather a wide range of different people and organizations: for example Stephan Weil (Mayor of Hannover), Beatpoeten (Poetry Slam), American Studies (Department of the University of Hannover), Norddeutscher Figuralchor (Choir), but mostly private people with an unique interest in a certain aspect of the event.

We are currently searching for arts ambassadors for Daniel Ott: Fountain 16/6 as well as Michael John Whelan and Olaf Nicolai. If you’re interested, please turn to our press office.



Stephan Weil (c) Landeshauptstadt Hannover

Stephan Weil

Patin Ingrid Ehrhardt

Ingrid Ehrhardt

Team Musikland Niedersachsen



Volker Wiedersheim

Hannes Malte Mahler